Small steps lead to big changes

“Investing in our company and our people enhances our business, positively impacting how we serve clients and the community. Burke’s commitment to developing and integrating a strong ESG framework into our operations and investing in the outstanding potential of every single team member will help us achieve success above and beyond the current horizons!”

Kevin Burke, CEO, Burke Construction Group

Highlighting Performance
Sustainability Investments
Social Investments
Governance Investments
Investment Increase Since 2021*

* Since implementing ESG Program. Values represent ESG investments made during the 2023 calendar year.

What is ESG?

Burke prioritizes the health and wellness of our stakeholders. Burke has integrated ESG into our strategic plan, a commitment that pushes us to our limits and challenges us to undertake actions that will bring long-term benefits to our environment, community and industry.

A Collaborative Effort:
Define what ESG means to Burke today
Determine targets and focus areas
Analyze methods with senior management and integrate best practices
Communicate our ESG initiatives to the Burke team and other stakeholders
Provide support and resources to ensure value creation and the efficient execution
and measurement of strategies



Emphasizes the importance of opportunities in green building and sustainable construction practices.

At the office and jobsites, Burke encourages responsible consumption and reduction of waste by diminishing the use of plastics and promoting recycling. Efforts include:

  • Use of eco-friendly office and cleaning products
  • Recycling stations throughout the office and individual work spaces
  • Terracycle Coffee Freshpacks Waste Box
  • Sparkling and still water dispensers
  • Energy efficiency LED lights and occupancy sensors


A pledge to diversity and inclusion, community engagement and relationships, health and safety, labor standards and social equity.

Staff wellness is a priority for Burke, reflecting our commitment to fostering a safe workplace and healthy community. Inclusion and Equity are an organic part of our values, enabling us to bring client visions to life by leveraging the best talent from diverse backgrounds. Focus areas include:

  • Staff Health and Safety
  • Employee Recognition Events and Initiatives
  • Employee and Community Professional and Academic Development
  • Community Involvement and Engagement


Spotlight on financial transparency and integrity, business ethics, innovation, leadership reputation and professional behavior. Burke’s goal is to foster a culture that upholds these principles.

Burke drives innovation with cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Design and Construction (VD&C), helping elevate the services we provide to clients.

  • VD&C and BIM Technologies
  • Burke Drone Program
  • WELL Building, LEED Building and Green Globes Certifications
  • Bipolar Ionization and other wellness technologies

Our projects drive economic growth and generate value for stakeholders, fostering professional advancement within the communities we operate. We actively contribute to economic development by focusing on:

  • Internship and mentorship opportunities
  • Participation in industry-related organizations
  • Investing in talent recruitment and retention