I have worked with many general contractors in my 30-years as a commercial real estate broker. Some are better than others of course but rarely do you come across a group like Burke Construction. They have a very unique approach to each project that gets my clients very comfortable with the design, pricing, entitlement, and construction process. This approach works with my user as well as development clients and their special projects division always brings in the tenant improvement portion on time and under budget. I can’t say enough about their level of expertise!

Dan Doherty

Executive Vice President, Colliers International

First and foremost, the best thing about working with Burke is their experience-based knowledge and how they communicate that to the user. The team is very responsive, which is essential in our industry. Their quality of work is deeply appreciated. Burke can do everything from A to Z and knows how to avoid the problems that may arise. It is not easy to work through a construction process from start to finish, but Burke has proven to be excellent at this. A great business always starts at the top and Jim is excellent with tenants and users. Kevin is very professional and meticulous. You have to be that way to succeed in this industry, and Burke has.

Brad Peterson

Senior Vice President, CBRE

Burke Construction is an excellent partner to work with on cost-effective tilt-up construction. They are professional with positive attitudes, believe in teamwork and their leadership was invaluable in completing the Credit One Bank project.

Lenny Chide

Community Reinvestment Officer, Credit One Bank

The Burke team had a spirit of cooperation and collaboration when working with us on our project and was committed to meeting our critical completion schedule. The project superintendent created a team environment that actively engaged and solicited participation from all subcontractors, a culture that was essential in building a product that is unparalleled in the market. The project team used the necessary resources to complete the building on time while continuing to maintain our very high quality and execution standards. Overall, the team’s attention to the assembly of finishes was exceptional!

Ken Crews

Vice President of Development, Discovery Land Company

It is refreshing to be able to work with a contractor such as Burke Construction Group. Every member of the Burke team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for the client. Burke Construction Group continually goes above and beyond to ensure projects are delivered in a professional manner, on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Burke Construction Group to any client looking to turn a vision into reality.

Matt Burns

Senior Vice President, Ed Vance & Associates

Gardner Company is new to the Las Vegas area. Having previously worked with many contractors in Utah and Idaho, we are very pleased to be working in Las Vegas with Kevin Burke and his associates. They are terrific. The Burke team is responsive, capable and focused on the needs of their clients. Our interests are well aligned and the relationship we have built with Burke feels very comfortable. Our first building in the UNLV Tech Park is a new experience for all of us. It is great to have a contractor who is on the ground, attentive, knowledgeable and always so helpful. The great work of the entire team, from the executives on, has validated that we made the right decision in choosing Burke. It has been a pleasure working with Thad. He is always there when you need him and very responsive. Working with Kevin has also been a delight. He has built an organization that reflects his character and values. Kevin frequently attends project meetings. This has conveyed to us that our relationship and the success of the project matter to him. That kind of relationship with the owner is very meaningful to us.

Mark L. Pace

Gardner Company

Primarily as an out of state developer, Gardner Company hired Burke Construction to begin a large development with a local institution requiring a high level of preconstruction services, construction management, and continued coordination. Burke’s commitment to the project has been invaluable with the constant ebbs and flows, starts and stops while maintaining excellent cost control, schedule commitment and quality assurance. They have been a true partner on the project team!

Ryan Bevan

President of Construction, Gardner Company

One thing that sets Burke Special Projects apart from other General Contractors is that you have a true PARTNER on your project. They are transparent, honest, relationship driven and provide strong leadership in the team environment. Burke Special Projects is a solutions-focused contractor that is continuously looking for opportunities to enhance construction means and methods to provide the best possible outcome for their clients while keeping budget and schedule at the forefront of priorities.

Vivian Bryce-Tyson

Project Manager, Grand Canyon Development Partners

Grand Canyon Development Partners had the pleasure of working with the Burke Special Projects Group for several years now. They are a highly regarded team of professionals in the construction industry and rightfully so because of their dedication to the client. In every project, they demonstrate a unique ability at problem solving, creativity, honesty and consistently manage in the best interest of the projects. We have been especially privileged to work with Jim, Kristen, Kade and many other professionals in the organization and have developed a high degree of trust between our two firms.

The value that Burke Special Projects Group places on relationship building, adding value and working with the entire development team as a trusted partner is truly what has placed them apart from their competition.

Sam Nicholson

President, Grand Canyon Development Partners

Burke Construction Group has been an incredible partner in helping us during the difficult components of our projects. The Burke team did a great job of communicating with us, our team and consultants as well as was always being proactive in identifying solutions. The team we have worked with is always conscientious and goes out of their way to make sure that they understand our needs, the different aspects of the project and the best approach. Burke has exceeded our expectations in the way they run their business and the team from top to bottom is why we have continued to use them on several projects. Burke Construction Group took the time to understand us as a client, which makes them stand out as a general contractor in our eyes.

Matt Werner

Vice President of Development, Legacy Traditional Schools

Simply put, development is hard.  What makes it easier is that Burke Construction Group thinks like developers.  They are not building from a set of plans alone, they are solving for the risks that make this business complex.  That alone earns our loyalty and respect while distancing them from most every other contractor.

Jim Stuart

Founder, Matter Real Estate Group

The Burke team exceeded all of our incredibly-high expectations — especially given our complex project and aggressive timeline. From the early engagement of all key stakeholders to the collaborative innovation and efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction, our project was delivered on time and under budget. In addition to their safety procedures, they communicated proactively throughout the project, with comprehensive reports and updates. Teamwork is critical to any project — and from our very first meeting, it was clear that Burke was committed to getting everything right. They were uncompromising in their attention to detail and remained focused on quality, safety, budget, and timeliness.

Mat Root

Managing Partner, Parallel Capital Partners

As a long-time collaborator with Burke Construction Group, I value their commitment to developing a healthy and mutually respectful exchange with the owner and design team. This approach, and their dedication to quality, consistently results in successfully delivered projects that exceed client exceptions. My working relationship with Burke spans nearly 40-years and multiple firm affiliations. Now, as Principal of RWA, I welcome every opportunity to bring our teams together as one. The relationship between our firms has continued to flourish and includes one of our most recent project successes, a passenger terminal building expansion at McCarran International Airport.

Steve Richardson

Principal, RWA Architects

Burke has been a fantastic partner for us on a number of projects. They have been an excellent resource for our clients and our design team during the conceptual phases of project development with real-time constructability and cost feedback. It is also important to us that we partner with contractors who share our firm’s value system in developing long-term relationships with our clients. Burke has been an excellent teaming partner and shown the ability to make long-term beneficial decisions that lead to added value for our shared clients. We have been able to work with Burke in various markets throughout the country and have found that character and quality are, indeed, traits that travel well.

Eric Roberts

Principal, Knit Studios

As an Architect, it is nice to work side by side with a Contractor who has a shared passion for good architecture, undimmed commitment to their clients and skilled and knowledgeable craftsman.  This is what defines Burke Construction Group, LLC.  In this complex world of construction, you can count on Burke Construction to simplify the process and deliver great value to their Clients.

John Sawdon

Vice President, Knit Studios

Burke Construction was able to bring to life the concepts we desired for our new office space and visitor center. They were very professional and assembled a great team of experts for the design and construction of our building. We’ve been in this space for 5 years now, and there are very few things I wish I could modify. The building functions as designed (LEED Platinum), and is very energy efficient. I would most definitely work again with Burke Construction on any construction project I might have.

Amy Sprunger

Refuge Manager, U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Urth Caffé in Las Vegas was our first out of state project and it was important to us that we found the right contractor for the job. We were very impressed with Burke and the very strong connection we had with the team, they were the most attentive team, followed up the most and gave us the most information up front. These are a few of the reasons why we chose Burke and ultimately, they exceeded our expectations. This was one of the fastest build-outs of any of our branches and the Burke team worked very hard to stay within budget and schedule. Throughout the process, we got to know the Burke team better and it really impressed our team that during the bidding phase, they got excited when they found ways to save us money. Burke was the driving partner in cutting our budget, and from past experiences, that’s rare with a contractor. Overall, we were so impressed with the quality of work from Burke that we hired them for another branch in Southern California. Kade Cole was the superintendent on both projects and has done great work, his tremendous attention to detail and his pride in working with Urth Caffé really makes it feel like we’re all one team. We have a strong relationship with Burke, we love them!

Shallom Berkman

Owner, Urth Caffé

Vedelago Petsch Architects, Inc. has found our experience with Burke Construction Group on real estate development projects to be both beneficial to the project stakeholder(s) as well as the immediate surrounding communities in which they reside. Burke’s history of understanding the various components & complexities of design & construction is exemplary and their company’s commitment to the betterment of the Greater Las Vegas Community of Southern Nevada is much appreciated. We wish them continued success in their future development endeavors.

Todd Vedelago

Owner, Vedelago Petsch Architects

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385 Pilot Road
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