At the end of the day our goal is: zero harm. Our objective is: we all go home without injury or illness. Our families, friends, and Company depend on us.

Our Promise


As an employee of Burke Construction Group, and in accordance with one of our core values — teaching and following by example, I support an uncompromising safety culture to ensure the well-being of all employees, subcontractors, owners, and guests. I recognize that safety begins with me; and I pledge the following:

  • Work safely for myself and those who love and depend on me
  • Always put safety first in completing my work, never taking shortcuts
  • Challenge anyone — at any level — who is not being safe and accept the same challenge
  • Use the proper PPE at all times
  • Know and practice all safety rules
  • Stop others who are working unsafely
  • Work safely as a condition of my employment


  • All project team members are required to obtain OSHA 30 certification and undergo training to identify potential hazards. We empower our staff to proactively address safety risk and eliminate dangerous conditions or behaviors.
  • Before each Burke project, our team conducts site-specific safety orientations. All project employees and trade partners are required to attend.
  • At Burke, safety is everyone’s business. Our team is led by OSHA 500-certified members and is supported by the entire executive team. We diligently employ proven systematic safety techniques and practices to prioritize the health and well-being of our staff and resolve conflicts effectively.


  • Daily Job Hazard Analyses are conducted at the start of each shift, allowing staff to identify risks and eliminate all hazards prior to the start of daily operations.
  • Tool Box Talks are held regularly at each project site, allowing team members to discuss potential hazards and solutions to consistently eliminate all risks.
  • Regular project safety walks and meetings empower superintendents and staff to identify mitigation and elimination strategies for safety hazards.


With the help of our Virtual Design & Construction team, we implement the use of drones in our safety management program. Our drone pilots capture images of a project site prior to the start of construction, allowing the project team to draft a safety plan according to site specific logistics prior to the start of construction. This technique decreases the number of potential hazards on a job site.